Website Photography

Photographs for your website is very important as it can make or break the look and feel of your website. Kintsher designs offers professional photographs which can be used on your business website and or on Social Media Accounts like Facebook or Twitter.

We will visit you at your place of business and take photographs of you at work interacting with clients and staff. This is important also for certain businesses like Guest Houses (to photograph the rooms and facilities).

You website will only look as good as the photographs you use on your website.

Too many business owners use stock photographs which often leads to an amercan feel unrelated to business in South Africa.

Guest Houses and Lodges situated in scenic places like the Western Cape and Kruger National Park should also include some beautifull photoraphs of the surrounds so that visitors to their websites are enticed to come and visit. Restaurant owners should for example sell appetizing food and a freindly , relaxed or romatic athmosphere as the need may be.

We are able to capture these moments and convey the image and service you want to portray via photographs for your business website.



Business Website Photography

Here is some examples of photographs taken for business owners to be used on Posters as well as on their websites. We aim that our clients have authenic websites when it comes to the look and feel of the website. A website is only as attractive as the photographs used on the website. We can not upload too high quality pictures on websites as this will slow down the website when it is being downloaded by a user, often resulting in a visitor closing a tab and leaving your website. (The size of photographs for posters and printed banners are often much bigger that which is used for websites for this reason.) It is important to use quality photographs on a website but it is equally important to use photographs as an opportunity to boost your On-Site SEO efforts. Each photograph gives you the opportunity to describe in words (website text) what is happening and is often an easy way to tackle the headache of not knowing where to find fresh , new and original relevant content for your website. These are the kind of information search engines love. So when using photographs write a little caption describing what is going on. 

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