SEO training

SEO Training for small and medium business owners are offer by Strand and Somerset West Web Design. Most resources available on the internet are directed at people actively involved in the industry e.g. web designers and SEO Experts. 

With our CMS system our clients are directly in control off the content of their websites. They are able to log into their websites on a daily basis and add new products and services, add photographs, write newsletters/blog (on their websites) and offer specials and promotions on their websites. By doing this the right way clients are busy with onsite SEO. 

A book has been been written by Francois Marais of Buddy Web Design with our typical client in mind. The book forms the basis of . We ignore high level jargin and things which does not concern a small or medium business owner who are almost always already fighting time and budget constraints.

Besides information on how Google Search works we also assist our web design clients to register with and make use of free resources such as Google my business, Google Webmaster and Google Analytics and assist them in understanding how to wrok with these tools.

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