CMS Web Design Training Course
This section of our frequently asked question section of our website deals with the CMS Web Design Training courses which will be held during weekday evenings at our venue in the Strand. 

Designing Issues
This section our frequently asked question section deals with the designing issues you might experience with your website from Kwikwap and Starnd and Somerset West Web Design. The design aprt of your websites comprises graphics such as logo's and banners, CSS Stylesheet manipulation as well as the layout of the individual web pages which comprises your website.

General Web Design and Multimedia Services
This section of the frequently asked question section deals with the general web design and multi media services offered by Strand and Somerset West Web Design , which includes Gordon's Bay . (The Helderberg Region). We answer general questions not classified under the specific sections of the Faq section which we grouped in order to make information on our website easier to locate.

SEO Small and Medium Businesses
In this section we will answer questions relating to SEO or Search Engine Optimisation as it applies our typical client, the small and medium business owner. We cover topics such as terminology, OnSite Optimisation , Off Site Optimisation, share some of the most important tips and important do's and dont's of SEO by small medium business owners?

Domain names and hosting
This section covers frequently asked questions related to your domain name . That is the url or website address of your website. We also cover requently asked questions related to the hosting of your website.

Support and available help
This section deals with the ongoing available support which is available as well as all available help you have access to with your CMS Website from Kwikwap.

This section deals with the fees applicable to the website design as well as the fees payable for monthly hosting, renting of the website builder , the CMS tool as well as the annual domain renewal fees.

Questions asked by our clients

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