Strand Webdesign Special - 2018-08-02

We realise that people sometimes just cannot afford even R4,000 for a website, that they are just starting out and willing to work hard but startup finances are limited. For this reason we have teamed up with Strand Postlink to offer a Web Design Special for Strand. For a R1,000 as opposed to our standard web design fee of R4,000 we offer a comp... more

Strand and Gordonsbay Restaurant Winter Specials - 2018-04-28

At Strand Web Design we like to get active in community issues like the issue of dirty polluted beaches but we also like to have fun and share and discuss the positives. Food and drink always comes to mind. We are setting out on a journey to find the best available winter warmer deals at our local restaurants. This time of the year when busin... more

Solution for the Pollution on Strand Beaches - 2018-04-28

A solution is needed for the constant pollution of our beaches and oceans. Not only has this pollution a serious negative effect on the long term ecological health of our immediate natural environment but on the short term this also does damage to the the back bone of the Strand economy, tourism. The rains of the past few days brought with it th... more

Strand Web Design News - 2018-04-28

Strand Web Design will use their blog and newsletter, not to blog about web design and seo but to blog about issues, events , specials ...well anything we fancy related to the Strand. We share these blogs on Facebook where we hope to get more website visitors to our website and hopefully indirectly get more web design work in the Strand area. ... more

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