Solution for the Pollution on Strand Beaches

A solution is needed for the constant pollution of our beaches and oceans. Not only has this pollution a serious negative effect on the long term ecological health of our immediate natural environment but on the short term this also does damage to the the back bone of the Strand economy, tourism.

The rains of the past few days brought with it the usual plastics and all other sorts of rubbish being washed onto our beaches and into our oceans. The beaches here at Greenways (Strand Golf Estate on Sea) looks disgusting.

Here are just two pictures of the rubbish which where washed out by yesterdays rains.

While these pictures look shocking the aim of this blog is to find or propose a solution to the problem.

So whats the problem?

The problem is that Strand is polluted and that the streets are not cleaned as it should by the local Municipality. When the rains come the rubbish is washed up on the beach. What should anger one is that we have thousands and thousands of unemployed people living in the strand. This then does not make sense at all. These people can be paid to pick up the rubbish. But here lies the real problem :

Everything in South Africa is politicised and we have a situation where the Organised Labour Unions are powerful. When they do not get their way then they organise protest action which quickly turns violent and or destructive. The municipality can only employ so many full time employees or put out so many sub contracts to clean the streets. Its a real shame that councilors who get paid HUGE salaries do not come up with a solution.

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